Men's Sock of the Month Club
by Sockwork: Socks With A Purpose

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Gentlemen, welcome to the last sock subscription service you will ever need. I was you. I am you. I was the guy with all black socks who the others in the office privately joked about. A sock subscription service like Sockwork would've boosted my self-esteem and helped me close deals. Because that's what we do at Sockwork--our sock subscriptions close deals. We give you options:
  • Fun Style Socks
  • Professional Style Socks
  • Mix--one Fun and one Professional pair of socks

Men's Sock Subscription

Don't fall into the same boring-sock-rut most guys do. Let us provide you with the best sock subscription service on the market and give you a personal foot-tuxedo. With Sockwork, you will feel like James Bond, lift like Arnold, and close deals like Glengarry Glenross.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now for the best sock subscription around. When it comes to sock subscriptions all you need to remember is one name: Sockwork. Oh, and PS, our sock subscription ships to Canada!

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