Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for my sock subscription so when will I get my socks? What if I live in Canada?

All orders placed on or before the 14th of the current month by 6pm CST will be shipping between the 16th-20th of that month. Orders placed on or after the 15th of the current month will be shipped in the next month. For example, an order placed on April 20th will be shipped between May 16th-20th. An order placed on May 5th will be shipped between May 16th-20th. For orders shipping to Canada, your packages will take a few days longer but will be there by the end of the month. There's also a flat $6 shipping charge for Canadian orders.

I made a mistake and realized my feet don't deserve the goodness Sockwork will provide with an awesome sock subscription. I know, I deserve new socks every month but I just can't right now. Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We will refund the cost of any socks that haven't been shipped. With our sock of the month club, if the box is in the mail, we will cancel all future orders but cannot refund the shipped item.

I've been waiting patiently for my sock subscription, where is it!?! What if my package was lost in the mail?

Contact us ASAP if it's past the 25th of the month and your box of socks is MIA (missing in action). We know how important new socks every month are and will work with the post office to track them down and send you another box of men's or women's socks.

I'm serious about new socks every month, so what if my sock subscription socks get destroyed in the mail?

If something happens to your box of socks, you can return any unworn product that is defective or damaged during shipping. We will send a replacement box of men's or women's socks to make sure you get your monthly supply. We do not accept returns for styles you just don't like...partly because we are sure you'll love our sock of the month selections!

Y'all are cool and all, but what if I have a question about the sock subscription or anything that comes to mind?

Hey, we get it. A sock subscription or sock of the month club with the most awesome selection of men's and women's socks doesn't just appear out of thin air. Just shoot us an email and we will take care of the rest. We can offer answers to just about anything you throw at us. And we mean ANYTHING.

I'm so happy I signed up for this radical sock subscription! Where do your socks come from, what are they made of and will they fit?

All of our sock subscription socks are designed in Austin or California and sourced from the premium quality brand, Richer-Poorer, or are from our US Made line, Purpose Outfitters. Most socks are made up of 68% combed cotton, 16% polyester, 13% nylon, and 3% spandex and will fit a women's size of 5-10 and men's size of 6-12. 

What's the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach us is by emailing us at